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Berry Vitality Smoothie…

Hello my lovelies

Blimey it has been awhile… (sorry)

Anyway just wanted to do a quick post on this delicious smoothie I made. It’s full of goodness and tastes amazing!!


I have to confess i’m one of those people that does a workout on an empty tummy… I actually get really sick if my belly is full of food. So if i can help it i’ll do a workout either without consuming anything before hand or i’ll have a small banana or protein bar.


I just finished my quick workout this morning and was in desperate need of a healthy but filling pick me up. Oh yea smoothie time… it was definantely calling my name, i seem to always crave a good smoothie or juice after a workout.

It’s very simple to make and if you don’t have the exact ingredients don’t stress just tweak the recipe and work with what you’ve got!!



2 scoops vanilla protein powder (the type and brand is up to you) i used Musashi low fat high protein powder in vanilla simply because my brother didn’t want it so i said “sweet ill take it” waste not want not!!

1/2 cup skim milk (i used pura skim milk)

1 tsp swisse vitality powder (i will be doing a post on this amazing powder)

1 cup or 10 ice cubes (a nifty trick my mother pointed out to me is to put the ice cubes in a zip lock bag place on a cutting board and grab a rolling pin and gently crush them till there tiny ice cubes) 

5 strawberries cut up in halves 

3 blackberries cut in half

10 blueberries

(It doesnt matter wether you use fresh or frozen fruit)

Place ingredients in blender and whizz till smooth.


Vola you will have yourself a very healthy and tasty berry smoothie that will keep you full, energised and is great for your skin. Enjoy!!


nutrition information: (just a rough guide)

energy- 955kj

calories- 221

fat- 3.3g

saturated- 2.3g

polyunsaturated- 0.1g

monounsaturated- 0g

trans- 0g

cholesterol- 0mg

sodium- 108.8mg

potassium- 144.9mg

carbs- 22.2g

fiber- 3.4g

sugars- 16.3g

protein- 26g

vitamin A- 0.3%

vitamin C- 87.5%

calcium- 184.6%

iron- 14.7%



I often get asked so what are you going to do this year?, what are your plans for the future?, where do you see yourself in 5 years?

This is what i want and what i wish i would say…

I want my fairytale…. my prince to find me and just think I’m amazing and love everything about me, to get married and have children, he will go to work while i’ll be a domestic housewife and home school our children… we will be happy and love each other and our children… most importantly i want to be happy and healthy for once. 

I don’t want a career or to be anything special… i just want the simple christian life that of course comes with its ups and downs… but its what i want… its all i’ve ever wanted.

This is what i tell people instead…

I don’t really know, I don’t really have any plans… i’m not really interested in anything… so i guess to just get through another year would be great.

It’s funny cause people always emphasis on a career or what are you going to study this year blah blah blah… what people fail to understand is,  that not everyone wants that lifestyle, yeah it might make me weird but i’ve always been different… i’ve never wanted want people consider the norm now a days… yet if i was to tell them what i really want in life i get laughed at or looked at strange so i don’t tell people cause i don’t even know if my simple fairytale dream will even come true anymore… 

I guess i’d rather them ask me how i’m doing… not what are you going to do with your life

So this was January…

Just been thinking even though the first month of this year hasn’t started off really well:

been really sick (i may do a post on why i’m unwell often), been to my doctor numerous times, had heaps of time off work, had a fall at work, haven’t made it to the gym and the worst- a loved one passed away…) 


It’s ok cause everything does eventually calm down and if it doesn’t you just have to try and learn to just keep swimming (yes i just quoted dory from finding nemo). It helps when you have people to keep you focused, I’m really lucky to have such a close knit family that can look after me and lift my attitude when things get tough (also disney movies and dreamworks movies really help).

So i guess what i’m trying to say is even though things don’t always work out the way you planned, don’t give up on your goals. You’ve just got to regroup and keep at it… also focusing on what you have helps i’m so appreciative of everything God has blessed me with, it’s hard to be miserable when you put your life into perspective!!!

With losing a loved one please make sure that you grieve and take time out to do this…. just don’t be alone if you can help it. Unfortunately everyone has to face losing a family member and friend at some point. For me keeping busy helps but i also have quiet time too.

Thanks to all of you for being so sweet i no i’m probably really boring to follow but meh thats me lol

Hoping that this first month of the year has been really good for you bring on February :)


Hello my lovelies….
please excuse my absence my nanna past away sunday night so there’s a lot on my plate at the moment and ive got the funeral tomorrow… i wont go into too much detail just wanted use to know incase use where wondering why i havent posted anything.

I hope to get back to posting next week sometime
Hoping all of you are well and that you’ve had a great start to the new year.

lots of love

EOS Lip Balm


I had seen these little cuties on so many blogs and just had to see what all the buzz was about. I have read good and bad reviews about them. I then realised it depends on the type of person using these lip balms and what specific flavour they like, as to wether or not they are going to like these sphere lip balms. So i just had to try them for myself…

So i jumped on ebay and did a lot of shopping for these EOS lip balms, as they aren’t available to buy in Australia just yet…. hopefully soon!!

Depending on who you purchase from and how you buy the eos lip balm sphere (either a singular one or bulk pack), they won’t all be packaged the same. Due to my current obsession with these bad boys i bought quite alot in different sets, so i took some pictures to show you how they will look. (hope im making sense and not just babbling)



This is the five pack (front and back of the pack) which is really good value, grab one or three of these!! I also found a six pack which i bought its also really good value!!



This is the holiday ornament three pack which is limited edition… so if you see this make sure you get one while you can!!



This is the Basket of fruit four pack which is a limited edition set… Highly recommend getting your hands on this!


This is just to show you the two different ways the singular EOS lip balm comes in. Both are genuine EOS so no need to worry!!!

Oh this one i had to buy anything to do with helping a charity i’m all over it. Some of the proceeds will go to the national breast cancer foundation when you purchase this special pack!!

There are other packs and sets available but i just wanted to show you a few i purchased so you can have a rough idea of what is out there and what to expect.

I’ll give you a quick rundown on why these lip balms have become so popular.

EOS stands for Evolution Of Smooth which is the company that makes these sphere lip balms. There advertisements are really inspired, new and different it makes you want to purchase them. They also make smooth stick lip balms, hand lotion, body lotion and shave cream which come in different scents. So definitely check out there website and have a looksie http://evolutionofsmooth.com 


Back to the smooth sphere lip balms if this doesn’t persuade you enough to try them i don’t now what will:

E.O.S lip balms are 95% organic and 100% natural!! 

They are also Paraben free, Petrolatum free, Phthalate free and Gluten free.

There Packed with antioxidants, contain vitamin E, Shea butter and jojoba oil.

They also claim they will give your lips long lasting moisture, the product glides on lips and smoothes on clear.

Comes with a easy to use twist off top

Contains 0.25 oz of product.

The sphere containers (that the lip balm comes in) are mighty cute, very soft to touch but are kind of like a rubberised plastic that gives you a firm grip at the same time. It has a little dent in the side to help open and close, it also helps you get a good grip when applying.

They also look really cute all lined up together on a desk or top of drawers. You can also store them in a jar or vase it makes them look like coloured Easter eggs… so adorable!!

My first thoughts when trying e.o.s for the first time… was that of excitement and being pleasantly suprised. They are so cute to look at let alone use. The lip balm felt so smooth and literally glided on my lips, didn’t leave them sticky or wet just well moisturised with a matte like finish. My lips have actually never felt so soft before and that was only after one application. It stays on my lips for around 4-5 hours before needing to reapply, yet even when the product has all gone my lips are left soft and manageable, not sore or aching for more lip balm (which is usually what happens when i use any type of balm or gloss as i have dry lips). I love that it coats both lips at the same time by simply puckering up and smoothering this delectable balm on your lips. Its such a complete experience, from the packaging to the roundness of the lip balm itself… its just so different to anything ive tried before. I’m completely obsessed as you can see by my collection of them!!


I hope ive been able to give you a small idea of what exactly these lip balms are, how they work and what all the fuss is about. I really suggest you purchase these lip balms get them in a 6, 5 or 4 pack as its better value. Let me know if you love them.

I’ll also be doing a review on all the flavours i have and rating them, so keep your eyes peeled


Nail Care…

People either love there hands and nails or hate them. I love them when there looking nice and my nails look healthy and at a nice length. So i thought id show you how to care for your hands and nails to get them looking really nice. It honestly doesn’t take that much to look after them. So to show you all the progress I’m going to take before and after pictures of my nails..



To be able to show you progress pictures I’ve had to start with really bad nails and hands, so i neglect mine. Its not hard for my hands and nails to look yuck as where i work damages them. My hands are dry, irritated and have cuts on them, my nails are broken, all different lengths and really weak and flimsy. As you can see in the pictures of my left and right hand they’re looking discraceful (these pictures where taken on the 14/12/13).


So lets get started into making them look decent. You really only need a few products.. suprising i know. You need a hand scrub, nail file, buffer and shiner, cuticle oil or cream, a good nail hardener (Revitanail is the best and only one i use) and of course hand cream. Also make sure you keep hand cream and hand sanitiser in your bag to keep your hands and nails moisturised when your out and about.

First off grab a small bowl and put warm water in the bowl. Put your hand scrub on and gently massage your hands, rinse off and dry well. File your nails to an equal length even if that means making them ugly short. Then gently push your cuticles back using a cuticle pusher. Never ever cut your cuticles off they are there for a reason!! Grab your buffer and buff all of your nails, then use the shiner it makes them look so pretty. Put some cuticle oil/cream on your nails focusing mainly on cuticles let it soak in. Then apply 2 coats of nail hardener, try and keep away from the cuticle area. Once dry put a generous amount of hand cream on and massage well. Guess what your done… thats really all it takes if you do this routine once a week you won’t believe the difference. Just make sure you continue to apply one coat of nail hardener every day, use cuticle oil/cream every second day, hand cream and hand sanitiser as much as often, also use your nail file when needed (incase of breakage or you need to change the shape). It takes some time for them to look really good though so be patient.



These are my after photos (taken on the 7/1/14).  As you can see my nails are so much healthier and thats just from caring for them at home. By all means if you have the funds go to a nail specialist/day spa and treat yourself. Once you start a good hand and nail care routine you won’t stop, the results you get are so worth it. need your hands so look after them well!!!

Better snacking for 2014

Being healthy and trying to make better food choices is really not as challenging as we make it out to be. People often think well i wont be able to eat certain food groups anymore and end up cutting them out. Often they will end up bingeing majorly. I think weve all been there before…


if you havent good don’t ever go on a diet that cuts out any food group or excludes you from treating yourself. A great way to realise how much food your actually eating is writing down everything you eat in a day. You may not realise how many snacks your actually eating and you may need to broaden the variety of food groups your consuming.

I’m going to show you a few everyday snacks that you can swap to be healthier. You’ll be suprised how good you feel, as your still able to enjoy your food. 

- Potato chips 

Instead of grabbing a bag of chips ive found that air popped popcorn and rice cakes are the best alternative. They are so yummy, healthy and you don’t feel like your missing out on a savoury snack.

- Ice cream

Change to yonanas (which is a machine that you put frozen fruit in and it comes out as soft serve fruit, so delicious and guilt free) or bulla frozen yoghurt sticks. These are both better options as you get vitamins from the fruit and gut fighting goodness from yoghurt.

- Soft drink

I’ve found that Berocca is the best alternative as its bubbly like soft drink, you can get a few flavours and the benefits of vitamins and energy boost is a real plus!

- Cordial

Theres a few options you can choose water is the best of course, if you cant stand straight water add lemon/mint/lime to it. You can also go for iced teas, vitamin water and coconut water. Just make sure you watch your serving sizes when having these drinks.

- Chocolate

If you want chocolate definantely have some, i recommend not buying a block though as you can easily consume the whole lot in one sitting. Get a chocolate bar or individually wrapped chocolates so you can see how many you are consuming. Dark chocolate is the best the higher the percentage the more antioxidants will benefit you.

- Full cream milk

I personally use skim milk but im not a big milk drinker anyway, only use it for my coffee. Try different types of milk and see which one suits you best, there are so many out there now to suit everybody.

- Chocolate covered muesli bars

Yehp these things can taste nice but there not always very nice to our waist line. Instead of buying muesli bars i get the original milo bars for the chocolate flavour and fruit leathers for the benefits to have instead. 

By just swaping these foods will make a difference i noticed a big difference myself. You will find that you start to gravitate to healthier options that includes your main meals too. When you feel like having a treat, go for it! Even if its something not so healthy as you’ll actually enjoy it because its not something you have all the time. 

Also Try and have at least two pieces of fruit a day from different food groups. Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated, try different flavoured teas and most importantly have fun. Remember you can still have anything you want, just don’t have it all the time switch it up! Hope i helped in a small way :)

New Years Resolution!

Last night or today is when you start to make a plan/list of your goals. Why have one new years resolution when you can have a few! Make sure that when choosing a resolution that you make them realistic, achievable and fun. It is possible to keep your promises and goals to yourself all through out the year you just need to make sure to not give up… even when things get tough!!


So here are my New Years Resolutions: (they aren’t in any particular order)

- Read the King James Version Bible!

I really want to read The King James Bible from front to back as i haven’t read the bible all the way through in one year yet, so this will be a challenge.

- Save money!

When you want to save money i encourage you to aim for an exact amount to have saved at the end of the year. This way you can work out exactly how much you need to put away each week and see if your budget allows it. Also make sure to put your savings in a high interest account and you don’t take any money out. I have already figured out the exact amount and will hopefully be able to reach that goal. 

- Get fit and healthy!

Doesn’t just about everybody say this? If this is one of your goals be specific. I personally want to start going back to the gym at least 3 days a week. I also want to start back into lunges and squats every second or third day. Making better choices with food, if i want a snack grab a piece of fruit, drink 1-2 litres of water a day. Thats a rough idea of what im planning. I also hope to try and keep on top of my recurring Glandular fever and chronic fatigue syndrome as best i can.

- Give more to charity!

This can be one specific charity you choose to focus on or you can choose a few that you feel passionate about and give money genorously. Give the money to the charity weekly/monthly or give a lump sum at the end of the year. This year im going to donate too Compassion and the Australian Alopecia Areata foundation.  

- Spring Clean!

When i say spring clean what i really mean is too keep my room, bathroom and car tidy and organised. Also do a seasonal (summer, autumn, winter and spring) clean out to get rid of things I dont need or use anymore and donate to charity. This helps you realise how much stuff you have and dont really need, also its good to be clean.

- Beauty routine!

Every year I like to research the latest in skin and hair care also cosmetics, to see if i need to change my routine or just add something in. Also keep to my beauty schedule no matter what, as its just another way to look after yourself.


So do you make new years resolutions? if yes what are you going to aim for this year? 

Happy New Year!!!

I hope you have all had a great New Years Eve!!!

Just wanted to say Thank you to all my followers for supporting me, I appreciate every one of you! I wish you all the best with this coming year, stay safe and have fun xoxo

Here’s to an awesome year ahead 2014 here we come… :D

Merry Christmas


I wish all my followers and fellow tumblr’s a very Merry Christmas!!

May you all have a wonderful day with family and also celebrate the real reason for the season that Jesus Christ came to earth to die for our sins so that we may come to be saved through him.

God bless you all, 

Love Krystle



p.s just a few snaps of christmas at my home :)


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